Anthony Baye Trial: Opening Statements Show Some Prosecution, Defense Agreements

The trial of Anthony Baye began with opening statements in Springfield Thursday. Baye is accused of setting fifteen fires in Northampton, Massachusetts in December 2009. One fire killed two men in their home.

Anthony Baye smiled and waved to his family as he entered Hampden Superior Court, before 36 indictments were read by the court clerk.

30 charges are related to fires set on the night of December 27th, 2009, including two counts of murder and over a dozen counts of arson of both houses and cars. Six charges are for misleading police officers in the days that followed.

In his opening statement, state prosecutor Brett Vottero acknowledged that there is little direct evidence that Baye set the Northampton fires.

“There wasn’t a single person that saw anyone setting fires in Northampton on December 27th. You won’t hear from an eyewitness to any of it,” said Vottero

Vottero also said there is no DNA or fingerprint evidence linking Baye to the fires. But Vottero argued Baye lied about his whereabouts during several meetings with police after December 27th, which along with other statements before police, indicate his guilt.

Though Baye has pleaded not guilty to all charges, defense attorney David Hoose said in his opening that he and Vottero agree that Baye should be found guilty of misleading police.

“He told a lie, he didn’t set a fire. That’s what the evidence will show you,” said Hoose.

Hoose added the state has no evidence to show Anthony Baye set any fires. After opening statements, the jury was bussed to Northampton to view several fire sites.