Pakistanis ‘Defy Violence’ To Vote In Landmark Election

Despite attacks in the days and weeks leading up to Saturday’s voting — and deadly bombings and other attacks on the very day they’re going to the polls — Pakistanis are showing they’re willing to “defy the violence,” NPR’s Julie McCarthy reports from Lahore.

There’s “a determination to see it through,” she tells Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon, and to be part of the “landmark passage of one democratically elected government to another … [something] that’s never happened before” in Pakistan. Voting lines have been long in some parts of the nation, and Julie reports that polls hours have been extended in some places.

She’s due to report more later today on Weekend All Things Considered. Click here to find an NPR station that broadcasts or streams the show. For more on the historic election, check some of Julie’s earlier reports:

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