Mass Lieutenant Governor to Resign

Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray announced he will resign from Governor Deval Patrick’s  administration to run the Worcester Chamber of Commerce.

Murray announced the decision at a packed news conference.  He said he had always expected to finish his term. But then this job opportunity came up:
“This was not a post that I sought, and at first I dismissed the idea because the timing was too immediate.  Then as I gave the matter more thought….presents.”

Murray will become president and CEO of the Worcester chamber of commerce, making over $200,000 a year.  He will resign as Lieutenant Governor June 2nd and start his new job the next day. Murray has had to fend off numerous controversies in the past two years. In November 2011, he totaled his state vehicle in Sterling. He was driving just under 110 miles an hour just before dawn.
He also has ties to disgraced former Chelsea Housing Authority director Michael McLaughlin, who plead guilty to fedEral felony charges of concealing his salary.  The state is still investigating McGlaughlin’s fundraising for Murray. At the news conference, murray said his resignation HAS nothing to do with McLaughlin:

“This is completely about my family and about a job that provides an opportunity.  A unique opportunity.  A special opportunity.  One that’s not going to be there in January 2015.”

Governor Patrick had only warm words for Murray, saying he’s been an integral part of the administration :

“Tim murray has been a trusted partner and just a great friend.”

Murray says he’s not ruling out a future run for public office, saying the news is full of comeback stories. but right now, he says, he’s excited to return to WORCESTER TO work on economic development issues. There is no provision in Massachusetts law to fill his post.  It will remain vacant until the next election.