UMass Funding Not Increased in Senate Budget

As the Massachusetts Senate heads toward passage of a state budget for the next fiscal year, backers of a significant boost in state spending on the UMass system changed tactics.

Governor Deval Patrick’s budget included the dollars needed to freeze next year’s tuition and fees, UMass officials say. The House budget did the same — but the Senate’s proposed budget falls shy. Hopes had been pinned on additional funds in an amendment proposed by Senator Michael Moore from Worcester.

“There’s been a change in strategy.”

Moore says he decided to drop the amendment because if it had failed on the Senate floor, his hand might be weakened in eventual negotiations with the House.

“They can’t over-spend. They have to come within certain boundaries, so I have to work with them and they have to work with me and in the end we may get what we are all looking for.”

In addition to the UMass boost, Moore says he is looking for added funds for the state’s community colleges.