Springfield’s State Street Corridor Reaches Another Milestone

Massachusetts Congressman Richard Neal says the rebirth of Springfield’s State Street Corridor will reach another milestone later this year with the completion of the $110 million State Data Center in the city’s historic Armory-Quadrangle neighborhood. Neal says a $1.6 million dollar construction project is also underway to renovate 3 streets that access the data center, along with the nearby Federal Courthouse and Museums complex. 

“The sidewalks are going to be redone. Decorative street lighting is going to be installed. brick side-walking is going to be part of the plan to welcome people to the quadrangle neighborhood. And there will be enhanced greenery as well.”

Neal says the road improvement is part of the 200 million dollars in public and private funds used to redevelop the State Street Corridor that is also home to some of the city’s main cultural attractions, including the Springfield Museums. Holly Smith-Bove is the Museums’ President. 

“We have national and international and , of course, local and regional visitors who come here to the tune of about a quarter-million people a year. So those are people who will now be coming up a beautifully landscaped street to enter our gorgeous quadrangle.”

The road renovations are expected to be completed by December.