Two More Days Of Severe Weather Warnings For Hard-Hit States

This has become a daily feature:

The National Weather Service is warning — as it has each day for the past couple weeks — that there could be dangerous storms across much of the nation’s mid-section.

Where to be on alert: “From northwest Texas to the Great Lakes,” with the potential for “tornadoes, large hail and damaging winds from central Oklahoma to parts of the Ozarks Friday afternoon and evening.”

Thursday, according to The Weather Channel, “at least three tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma, including one in Tulsa, and two more hit Arkansas. … At least nine people were injured.”

Looking ahead, the Weather Service expects strong storms will strike again on Saturday from Texas up to the Great Lakes, and predicts there will be at least thunderstorms across an even wider swath of the eastern half of the nation. There isn’t any relief expected for the states that have suffered the most in recent weeks — most notably Oklahoma — until Sunday.

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