Massachusetts Ranked 2nd State in the Nation for Clean Technology

A report released this week ranks Massachusetts as the number two state in the country for clean technology. The Baystate trails California on an index that ranks states based on development, policy, and investment in clean energy. Ron Pernick is director of the Portland, Oregon-based company, Clean Edge, the publisher of the annual report. Pernick says Massachusetts is a leader in clean energy policy and investment, but lags behind in generating renewable energy.

“Right now, California, Oregon, the West Coast states, as well as the Great Plains states, have a large abundance of renewable energy resources.”

Pernick says the purpose of the report is to keep tabs on U.S. clean energy development at the state and local level.

“If you don’t track, then you can’t see improvement, and so it’s very important that we look at the emerging clean tech ecosystem and really understand what’s working and what’s not, and where leadership is occurring.”

Other New England states rank lower than Massachusetts. Connecticut is 11th, New Hampshire, 14th and Vermont is 15th. Among metro areas in the country, Boston ranks 10th.