60th Anniversary of Rosenberg Execution, Marked by Easthampton Organization

Sixty years ago next week, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed by the US government for allegedly selling atomic secrets to the soviets. Their case became a contentious symbol of cold war dissidence, and their guilt is still debated. The Rosenbergs’ youngest son — Robert Meeropol — went on to found the Rosenberg Fund for Children  in Easthampton, MA. It gives grants to children of political activists who are 18 and under so that they can go to camp, have music lessons, and even travel to visit their incarcerated parents. NEPR’s Karen Brown spoke this week with Meeropol — and his own daughter Jenn — who will soon be taking over the reins of the foundation from her father.  Robert Meeropol says he sees parallels between the anti-communist hysteria he blames for his parents’ deaths …. and current events — such as the wiki-leaks trial of Bradley Manning and new revelations over government surveillance.