Flooding Forces 100,000 From Their Homes In Calgary

Because of flooding that could prove historic, authorities in Calgary, ordered the evacuation of 100,000 people in 22 communities across the city.

As the CBC reports, intense rain has caused flooding throughout the Alberta province in Canada. More rain is expected today.

The CBC adds:

“Mudslides forced the closure of the Trans-Canada Highway, isolating the mountain resort towns of Banff and Canmore.

“‘The message tonight is that we are still expecting that the worst has not yet come in terms of the flow,’ Nenshi told CBC News early Friday in a telephone interview from an emergency operations centre.”

The Calgary Herald reports that the flooding could rival that of what happened during the floods of June of 2005, which damaged 40,000 homes. The paper reports that last night police went door to door asking people in low-lying areas to leave.

The Herald says the Calgary Zoo is thinking about moving its big cats to holding cells at the Calgary Court Centre.

CTV News has dramatic video coming from smaller communities in Alberta. Residents in Black Diamond told CTV the water rose in a matter of minutes. Some were trapped inside their homes and had to be helped out on heavy equipment.

One video making the rounds online this morning comes from Bragg Creek just west of Calgary. It shows an entire house being dragged by the swollen river, until it smashes into an overpass.

Here it is, but be warned it contains one fleeting expletive:

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