Top Stories: Prayers For Mandela; Waiting For Supreme Court

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

‘Everything Possible’ Being Done For Ailing Nelson Mandela.

Where In The World Is Edward Snowden? Still Russia, It Seems.

Book News: The FBI Monitored Mexican Writer Carlos Fuentes.

Other news:

— “George Zimmerman Trial: Opening Statements Today.” (Orlando Sentinel)

— “Waiting On Proposition 8 And DOMA Decisions: In Plain English.” (SCOTUSblog)

— “States Reined In By 1965 Voting Act Await A Decision.” (The New York Times)

— “Supreme Court Yet To Rule On Major Affirmative Action Challenge.” (The Hill)

— In Italy, “Berlusconi Sex Trial’s Verdict Expected.” (BBC)

— Wildfire In Southwest Colorado “Grows Beyond 70,000 Acres; Weather A Problem.” (The Denver Post)

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