Supplemental Budget Includes Funding for State Police Patrols in Springfield

A supplemental budget passed by the Massachusetts Senate last week includes 100-thousand-dollars for increased patrols by the State Police in Springfield. The move comes after a rash of violence in Springfield over the last several weeks, including murders, shootings and other violent incidents. Senator James Welch of West Springfield filed the amendment to the bill, providing the funds. He says despite the recent incidents, there has been some success by State Troopers already working in Springfield. Welch says the funds are important to allow programs such as the Community Action Team and so-called “C-3 Policing to continue.

“Investing a bit more money and having some additional State Police patrols, in terms of  complimenting what’s already going on in Springfield, with the local police department and the State Police department, I thought that it would be money well spent because we we’ve already started to see some positive effects, especially in the North End.” 

Welch says with Summer in full-swing, it is important to have an increased police presence on the streets of Springfield. 
“Sometimes criminal activity does peak during the Summer as well, and I think any increased presence we can have in terms of public safety, state police patrols or complimenting the local police department in Springfield is a positive thing.” 
The House also passed its version of a supplemental budget last week. Legislative leaders released a compromise version of the bill, which is scheduled for debate Monday on Beacon Hill.