Massachusetts Gas Stations Prepare for Tax Hikes

Wednesday at midnight, the Massachusetts gas tax is set to go up three cents a gallon and cigarettes will be an extra dollar per pack. That money will help fund a transportation bill lawmakers passed earlier this month. For many franchises, it’s the corporate office that calculates new prices. Jackie Dotman is the manager of the Whately Truck Stop. She says the tax isn’t too different from weekly price fluctuations.

“We just upload them into our computer and then we go out and we just change the prices to the proper price.”

Dotman says more than 100 trucks fill their tanks at the stop each day. Because of long-standing accounts many of those customers have, she doesn’t expect to lose much business because of the gas tax hike. But, she says cigarettes are another story.

“My drivers are from all over so they’re already coming in from North Carolina and New Hampshire. So they won’t be purchasing many cigarettes in Massachusetts at all.”

At an F.L. Roberts in Greenfield, manager Lauren Eldrid says her store’s cheapest pack of cigarettes is going to be over seven dollars. She says some people will quit. And others…

“I see us selling more e-cigarettes — people are switching to that.”

Those e-cigarettes, according to a Department of Revenue spokesperson will not be affected by the new taxes.