Villamaino Pleads Guilty in East Longmeadow Voter Fraud Case

Former East Longmeadow Selectman Enrico Villamaino pleaded guilty Monday to eleven charges in connection with a voter fraud scheme. While running in a Republican primary for a state Representative seat, Villamaino was accused of changing the party affiliations of voters without their knowledge.  He planned to submit absentee ballots on their behalf, but never mailed them and was eventually caught.  His attorney is Jeffery Meehan.

“It’s an unfortunate story of a very bright, driven, ambitious young man who made a bad error in judgement and will now suffer the consequences, and more importantly, be precluded from ever engaging in in political life, especially as a candidate, forever,” Meehan says.

Villamaino will be sentenced Wednesday in Hampden Superior Court in Springfield. Prosecutors say he was assisted by Courtney Llewellyn, an East Longmeadow employee, who is also facing charges. The two married shortly after the scandal started to unfold.