Knapik Departs Senate for Westfield State Friday

Massachusetts state Senator Michael Knapik’s final day in office is Friday. This week, he resigned his seat to take an executive position at his hometown Westfield State University. The move will provide Knapik with a substantial pay raise.

Knapik says he will be making $110,000 in his new job at Westfield State, a sizeable bump in salary from the more than $83,000 he made as a lawmaker. As the Executive Director for University Advancement, he will oversee the school’s non-profit fundraising arm and use connections he made while on Beacon Hill.  

“There will be obviously opportunities to interact with state legislators in the valley and throughout Massachusetts on behalf of the state university and the others and also just because I have a familiarity with the business community and the business community and other players,” Knapik says.

Knapik’s exit from the Senate means for now, there will be 3 Republicans in the 40-member chamber. He says party lines were often drawn around issues such as spending and taxes. 

“Partisanship sometimes get played up alot, but the fact of the matter is Massachusetts is a pretty blue state and I’d like to think the approach that I had benefited my district because you figure out how to best navigate that without really jeopardizing your own convictions and I don’t think I ever did that,” he says.

Knapik will start his new job on Monday.