Restored Turnpike Tolls to Start October 15

Toll collection for travel between the six western-most exits of the Massachusetts Turnpike is scheduled to begin October 15th. 

It will cost  $1.75 to drive the portion of the Mass Pike between Exit 1 in West Stockbridge and Exit 6 in Springfield. That’s the same price as in 1996 when then Governor William Weld eliminated those tolls for passenger cars.

The restoration of the fees is part of the transportation bill approved by the legislature this summer. The expected $12 to $15 million in yearly collections will be used for various construction and repair projects on the roadway.

In the meantime, the department of transportation says it needs to reprogram electronic toll transponders and print new tickets to get ready for the change. Motorists can express their opinions at the DOT’s website or at public hearings in Lee and Springfield, scheduled for September.