Growers to Meet with Federal Officials on Proposed Food Safety Regulations

Proposed food safety regulations will be the topic of discussion between farmers and federal officials in Hadley, Massachusetts Thursday. The Food and Drug Administration is calling for increased measures to help prevent food-borne illnesses. Richard Bonanno is president of the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation. He says some growers are concerned about the cost of implementing the regulations if they are finalized.

“They involve a lot of the day-to-day activities on the farm including the quality of irrigation water, the quality of packing water, how and when manure’s used, training for workers in terms of washing their hands, not working when they’re sick, sanitation and just keeping things clean on the farm.”, Bonanno says. 

Bonanno says farmers who take part in farmers markets or set up produce stands are also worried about new food preparation rules. Similar meetings have been held this week in New Hampshire and Maine.