Western and Central Mass Counties Attract 42 Marijuana Dispensary Hopefuls

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health received 181 applications from people and groups looking to open medical marijuana dispensaries. Forty-two of those want to set up shop in Western or Central Massachusetts.

By law, each county will get at least one but not more than five medical marijuana dispensaries. 

According to a list released by the state Friday afternoon, Worcester had the most applicants out of Central and Western Massachusetts counties, with 14. Berkshire County had the fewest dispensary hopefuls in the region, with just three.

More specific city or town locations weren’t required on these initial applications. 

“Phase two is when we will require them to work with municipalities to identify where they would operate and to get municipal support,” Cheryl Bartlett, commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, told reporters on Thursday.

To get to the second phase, applicants now have to pass financial and background checks. The state plans to award the medical marijuana dispensary licenses by the end of the year. 

Initial applications for Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensaries

Source: Massachusetts Department of Public Health