Vermont Yankee Hometown Reacts to News the Plant is Shutting Down

Vernon, Vermont is a town of just more than two thousand people. Business owners and employees of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant are reacting to news the plant will close next year

Less than a mile from Vermont Yankee sits a tavern with a sign that says “We Support Vermont Yankee.” Inside, standing behind the bar, is owner Dick Nesbitt.

“I believe in all the people that are working there. There’s 650 people that work there. They all don’t come this way, but we get some business from them,” Nesbitt says. 

Meanwhile, sitting on a deck outside, sipping a beer is Greg Brede. The New Hampshire resident has been an engineer at Vermont Yankee for 15 years. 

“There was a meeting held, an all-hands meeting, that the entire population of individuals that work at the plant were called into the Vernon school and everyone was addressed at the same time this morning at approximately 8:30,” Brede says. 

Brede says there will still be work during the decommissioning process for a few years, but  he hasn’t given much thought to his career after that.
“It’s a day for reflection and ultimately looking forward. My primary goal is to continue to do my job function in engineering to ensure activities I do continue to allow the plant to operate safely,” Brede says.