Charlie Baker Making Another Run for Massachusetts Governor

Republican Charlie Baker announced his bid for Massachusetts governor Wednesday morning, in a web video.

Baker tried to unseat Governor Deval Patrick in 2010, but lost by six points. With no incumbent in the race this time around, he’s decided to give another shot.

In an interview last week on WGBH radio, Baker says his personality grows on people.

“I’m never going to be the great speechifier,” he says. “But if you need to get something done that is complicated and difficult, I’m as good as anybody at that.”

On the campaign trail, Baker sometimes struggled to connect with voters. And he was attacked for his role in designing a complicated financing plan for the Big Dig while working as chief budget officer for Gov. Paul Celluci.

Baker also served as secretary of health and human services under Gov. William Weld.

He went on to become CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare. He was credited with saving the company from bankruptcy.  Baker now works at a Venture Capital firm in Cambridge.