Mass. Firefighters Return from Battling Wildfires in Montana

A group of twenty Massachusetts firefighters just returned to the state after a three-week stint battling wildfires in the Lolo National Forest in western Montana. National Forest officials in Montana asked the crew to stay a week longer than originally planned. Shawn Bush of Oakham in Worcester County is the crew’s boss, and a state fire warden. He says he was happy to stay extra days to get the fires under control.

“Myself and the other leadership on the crew took a lot of considerations before we decided,” says Bush. He says they considered cumulative fatigue in the crew, among other factors. “We agreed that everything would be ok, and it was.”

Bush says most of the fires were caused by dry conditions and lightning strikes. He says wetter summer weather on the East Coast allows firefighters in the region to go assist crews in the West.