Springfield City Council Looks Again at Raising Mayoral Pay

A committee of the Springfield City Council is once again taking up a proposal Monday to raise the Mayor’s salary from $95,000 to $130,000.

The proposal is the latest attempt to boost the mayor’s pay, which has not seen an increase since the mid-1990s.

City Councilor Michael Fenton says the last effort a year and a half ago never made it before the full council. Fenton says Springfield’s current mayoral salary is on par with municipalities much smaller in size.

“The position deserves a substantial increase in pay,” Fenton says. “But it’s also my hope that whatever’s accomplished will remove the political debate from future conversations on this matter. I’m hopeful that we can set it to a competitive rate and then tie that salary to cost-of-living increases in future years.”

When asked for his response to the proposal, Mayor Domenic Sarno’s office released a sheet showing Springfield’s mayor is paid far less than leaders of similar sized cities in New England.