UMass Cancels Electronic Dance Concert Over Drug Fears

The University of Massachusetts Amherst has canceled an electronic dance concert over concerns about the club drug MDMA, or Molly. The drug has been cited in several fatal overdoses on the East Coast.

Scheduled for later this month at the UMass Mullins Center, The Return to Fantazia, was promoted in web videos by Holyoke-based NV Concepts. 

“We have the ability to make the decision to pull something, if necessary. We rarely do that,” said UMass Amherst spokesperson Ed Blaguszewski.

Blaguszewski says the school has monitored news of recent deaths tied to MDMA.

“And the fact that we have a venue on campus that would be having a concert that is of the nature where this drug has been used really made us think through this pretty thoroughly and decide to go ahead and take the action,” he said.

In an email, UMass warned students of Molly’s risks. It read: “While we can’t cancel and ward off every potential issue, we can get better informed.”

The promotion company says in a statement that it’s disappointed, but shares the university’s “desire to put first the safety and education of its students and community.”

The company wants to work with the school to schedule the event in the future.