Are Latinos Turning Away From ‘Traditional Media’ For Information?

NPR’s Tell Me More with Michel Martin is hosting a Google+ Hangout on air, focusing on “Emerging Latinos and Innovations.”

Latinos are an emerging force in social media. According to Nielsen, “Hispanic adults are 25 percent more likely to follow a brand and 18 percent more likely to follow a celebrity than the general online population.”

Two of Tell Me More’s regular contributors, Aracely Panameno and Manny Ruiz, shared these thoughts in advance of our Hangout.

Aracely Panameno says Latinos are the “come-from-behind kids” when it comes to digital media. Panameno is a mother of one. She works at the Center for Responsible Lending.

“Our communities accessed the internet on the palm of their hands through smart phones,” Panameno says. “Early on, few Latino families could purchase computers and internet service at home. As cell phone technology improved, coverage grew, and data plans came down in price, Latinos embraced technology, and never looked back.”

“In my family, I was the first to learn programming languages since I was in high school,” she says. “I was the first to buy home desktop computers, then laptops, then notebooks. I have not purchased a tablet, because it is not fully functional for what I do. My daughter, who is now 24, doesn’t know what it is not to have a computer at home … Today, all my siblings have a computer and internet access at home. We all have smart phones, including all our children. We all have Facebook pages. My daughter and I tweet.”

Manny Ruiz believes that using social media is not just for the family, but essential for the Latino community. Ruiz is chairman of Hispanicize and co-founder of the ‘Latina Mom Bloggers‘ network, as well as Hispanicize 2012, the largest annual event gathering marketers, bloggers and social media influencers.

“Social media represents the most powerful medium Latinos have ever had to find their voice and harness their growing strength socially, economically and politically,” Ruiz says. “Today no brand, organization or political figure can ignore the fact that if they want to win this demographic segment over, they must engage Latinos in a full-scale way that puts social media towards the top.”

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