Polls Open for Some Western Massachusetts Municipal Elections

Voters in four western Massachusetts communities go to the polls Tuesday to narrow down the field of candidates running for local government seats.

The highest profile race is in Holyoke, where incumbent Mayor Alex Morse is facing four challengers. That includes former mayor Danny Szostiekwicz, and three other candidates who’ve never held elected office: Dan Boyle, Jim Santiago, and Jeff Stanek.

Holyoke voters will also pick the final two candidates for city clerk and Ward 4’s councilor.

City council preliminaries are also being held today in two Springfield wards, as well as one ward each in Chicopee, and Northampton.

All polling places are open until 8 pm, except in Chicopee where polls close at 7.

The top two vote getters in each of these races will face each other on November 5th.