Massachusetts Health Officials Tout Obamacare

As the October 1 deadline approaches for many states to start their health insurance exchanges, Massachusetts health officials are touting the impact of Obamacare on their state. 

Massachusetts’ 2005 health reform law is considered a model for Obamacare — but that doesn’t mean the affordable care act won’t in turn impact Massachusetts — and for the better, officials say. State Secretary of Administration and Finance Glen Schor says the federal law will move more people into Medicaid, which means the state will have fewer to subsidize in its middle-income Commonwealth Care program. Schor estimates the state will save about 200 million dollars the first year.

“This is definitely a winner for the state, when it comes to finances, and that does not even include the fact that Massachusetts has received a number of one-time grants,” Schor says.

 Schor says federal rules requiring large employers to provide health insurance by 2014 will level the playing field for Massachusetts businesses that were already doing that.