Massachusetts Governor Weighs in on Government Shutdown

As the countdown to a government shutdown continues, state officials  face ramifications at home. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick describes the situation in Washington as a kind of economic limbo.

Patrick commented on the looming federal crisis during a visit Friday to Springfield’s Zannetti school. He  says that lurching from one fiscal threat  to another, something he blames on the Republicans, hurts everyone.

“And when you hear business people talk about uncertainty in the economy and that effecting their own investment decisions in growth and hiring decisions that is what they’re talking about,” Patrick says.

Patrick says he worries most about Massachusetts’ economy, which he says is still recovering.

“We need certainty at the federal level in order to encourage that accelerated growth. And that is leaving aside the daily impact on schools on public services on tourism on infrastructure investment that is effected when the United States federal government is unable to be an adequate partner,” Patrick says.

Meantime Patrick faces fiscal issues at the state level.  After signing a repeal of the state’s computer services tax last week, he and the legislature will be looking to fill a $160 million gap in a transportation funding bill.