Two Holyoke City Councilors Could be Censured Over Comments

Two Holyoke, Massachusetts City Council members overheard discussing the attractiveness of a pregnant colleague before a meeting on Tuesday could face censure. Councilors Daniel Bresnahan and Todd McGee made the comments in what they thought was a private conversation, but were caught on an open cable access microphone. Council President Kevin Jourdain says he’s asked the city’s personnel administrator to determine if the councilors’ comments violated any city policies. He says Bresnahan and McGee did violate a council rule.

“We have a rule that states you’re not to refer to any other members other than in positive terms, and clearly that didn’t happen,” Jourdain says. “So the rules of the City Council were violated, no question.”

Jourdain says he will decide whether to pursue a censure when he hears if city policies were violated, likely within two weeks. He says because they are elected officials, Bresnahan and McGee cannot be fired or otherwise disciplined. According to Masslive, the two have apologized for their comments, saying they were taken out of context and were not meant to be offensive.