Power Restored to Most Homes Affected by Storm

Most homes and businesses that lost power during Monday’s thunderstorms and strong gusts of wind have their lights back on. 

“It was a hard-hitting, fast-moving storm last night. All total, we had 11,210 customers that had their power restored,” says Priscilla Ress, a spokesperson for Western Mass Electric.

Ress says as of this morning, only 81 customers were still without electricity. She says it’s difficult to keep track of homes that lose electricity in the area, especially in Berkshire County. 

“Sometimes it…happens up there that people don’t even know that the power was out because we have some summer homes up there. That’s why, sometimes, especially in the less-populated areas, you will see little pockets that still have to have the power restored,” Ress says.

Because of the fallen tree limbs, Ress says, some of the homes that still don’t have power need to be restored one at a time.

This story reported and written by Brianda Reyes.