Poll: Republicans To Blame For Government Shutdown

A new poll finds that a majority of Massachusetts residents are blaming GOP lawmakers for the partial shutdown of the federal government.  The telephone survey conducted by Western New England University’s Polling Institute found 56% of respondents say Republicans in Congress bear the greatest responsibility for the shutdown, while 16% blame President Obama. 18% pointed the finger at both parties and the President, and only 5% blamed Democrats. Those numbers may not be all that surprising in a “blue” state. But Institute Director Tim Vercelotti says what is surprising is that more than half of Republican voters  surveyed and more  than three quarters of those identified as un-enrolled or independent disapprove of the job the GOP is doing in Congress.
“The state’s negative view of the national Republican party suggests that Republican candidates closer to home here really have their work cut out for them as we go into the 2014 election cycle. Democrats will be all too happy to link Republicans in Massachusetts to the national party.”
Meanwhile, support for the health care reform law that triggered the shutdown is getting stronger. Vercelotti says 62% of adults now back the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, while 31% oppose it. That compares to an April, 2010 survey that found respondents almost evenly divided over the law.

WNE Polling – Govt Shutdown, Health Care TABLES (Oct 2013)