Food Stamps Working Again After EBT Shutdown on Saturday

Grocery stores in western Massachusetts say that food stamps should be working again.

Over the weekend, cash registers across the country stopped processing EBT transactions because of a computer failure at Xerox, the private vendor that runs the system. A spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Agriculture reiterated that the outage was not related to the federal government shutdown.

Kelly Lannon works the register at Atkins Farm grocery store in Amherst. She says on Saturday, there were at least a dozen customers who tried to pay with their EBT cards.

“They had to either pay with another form of payment or they had to leave their groceries,” Lannon says. “Most people had to just leave their groceries.”

The problem was fixed late Saturday evening but some shoppers are still confused. The manager at Maple Farm Foods in Hadley says customers are calling in to see if the food stamp system is back up.

This story was reported by the Associated Press and New England Public Radio’s David Chang.