Control of Holyoke’s Morgan Elemetary School to be Decided

Massachusetts’ Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester will meet Tuesday with school officials and parents at the Morgan Elementary School in Holyoke. It’s one of several schools in the state being considered for a take over after three years of low MCAS scores.

Chester already visited the school once this fallm since Morgan officials were notified of its “Level 4” status. Tuesday, he’ll meet with parents, in addition to teachers and administrators. He says he’ll listen to what those at the meeting have to say about improving the school’s performance. But he’s not optimistic the school will be able to remain in local hands.

“It’s hard for me to imagine a scenario where I can just simply sit back and hope that things will get better by the regime that’s in place,” Chester says. “But I visited Holyoke. I spent several hours. The superintendent was with me. So I am actively listening. and basically I’ listening for the answer to the question, what’s it going to take to do better by the students at Morgan than we’re currently doing.”

This is Holyoke Superintendent Sergio Paez’ first year on the job. He says he hopes the state will give Morgan Elementary more time to turn the school’s performance around. The 4:30pm meeting is open to the public.