Westfield State President Threatens Lawsuit if Board Votes to Suspend Him

After allegations of misspending by University President Evan Dobelle, the Westfield State Board meets Wednesday to figure out its next steps. If the board votes to suspend Dobelle, his lawyer Ross Garber says he’ll sue.

Garber says the president’s rights were violated.

“The way this matter has been handled by certain members of the board of trustees has violated President Dobelle’s contract, violated his rights under the university’s bylaws, violates statutes,” Garber says.

Garber says some members of the board took it upon themselves to act on allegations of credit card misuse by Dobelle. They kept that information from the remainder of the Board, Garber says, and then leaked it to the press. He says in all of that, some fundamental facts have been lost.

“Virtually all the issues that are now being raised were previously addressed actually by the board and legal counsel and remedied,” Garber says.

Garber says if Westfield’s Board votes to suspend Dobelle, a lawsuit will be filed within a day.