Connecticut’s ObamaCare Roll Out Relatively Smooth

New numbers from Connecticut’s health care exchange show about 3800 people completed the entire enrollment process in the first two weeks of the Affordable Health Care Act. 

Just under 50 percent of those enrolled in public programs, like Medicaid. The other half signed up for private insurance with some receiving subsidies. But Areille Levin Becker, who covers health care for the Connecticut Mirror, says it’s very hard to tell what those numbers mean.

“If you talk to people at the exchange they’ll tell you that they were expecting a very slow start at the beginning and they’re actually surprised that there were this many people. There are also a lot of critics of the process here and in other states who have said look how much interest you were getting at first,” Becker says. “There were close to 100,000 thousand people in the first week who went on the web site, but you only have less than four thousand people who enrolled.”

Becker tells New England Public Radio’s Susan Kaplan that Connecticut’s web site has been – mostly – stable with only slight glitches.