UMass Students Skeptical of University Organized World Series Campus Events

The Red Sox play the Cardinals in Game 6 tonight. With a win, the Sox become World Series champs.

Officials at UMass are trying to prevent students from getting too rowdy by screening the games in dorms and dining commons and stationing police throughout campus. UMass is setting up food and an inflatable bouncy house in the Southwest residential area, where there have been problems – including riots – during past major sporting events.

Senior Jack Goddard says the inflatable playhouse, combined with drunk students, is an incident just waiting to happen. “[The administration] have the whole bouncy castle idea set up in Southwest. I don’t think it’s going to work.” says Goddard. “They’re trying to contain the madness, but, I don’t think it’s going to add to the madness. People are just going to go crazy with it.”

Sophomore Tom Barrasso is a residential advisor in a UMass dorm. He thinks tightened security means things won’t get out of hand. He says “Everybody knows that security is tightened around these events, so it’s usually not a good time to be belligerent.”

If people do get belligerent, students say it probably won’t be as bad as previous years, like 2012’s Super Bowl game when rival teams the Patriots and the Giants faced off.

One thing is for certain. Both students and the administration will both be watching tonight’s World Series game closely. The Sox and the Cards begin Game 6 at 8:07 tonight.

This story was written and reported by New England Public Radio’s David Chang.