Connecticut Prepares for First Election with Same-Day Registration

Voters in Connecticut can register to vote and cast their ballots at the same time on Tuesday. It’s the state’s first election with same-day registration since a law allowing the practice passed last year. 

Connecticut is the 11th state in the country to permit election day voter registration. Residents looking to register can do so at their local registrar of voters’ office. Bristol will pick a mayor in its municipal elections. Sharon Krawiecki is the city’s Republican Registrar. She says holding election day registration is an additional cost to her office, likely a few thousand dollars. But Krawiecki expects just a little over a dozen people will sign up, in a city with over 60,000 residents.

“In a local election, if our turnout is 30 percent we’ll be happy,” Krawiecki says. “So that will dictate how many people will be coming in for election day registration in a municipal election. State-wide elections will be different. Next year will be different.”

Another registrar in nearby New Britain says he expects 200 to 300 people to sign up in person for that city’s mayoral election. Connecticut is the third New England state to allow election day registration. New Hampshire and Maine also have the practice; Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont do not.