Holyoke Community College Women’s Soccer Team Makes Final Four

The women’s soccer team from Holyoke Community College is one win away from making its division’s national championship game.

The HCC cougars Thursday defeated New Jersey’s Gloucester Community College 1 to 0 in the tournament. It’s taking place this year in New York’s Finger Lake region.

Rob Galazka, Holyoke’s head coach, says his team loves it.

“You get to be away with your teammates for basically a 5-day trip…in the middle of the school semester which, you know, they get to get out of classes which I’m sure they don’t mind,” Galazka says with a laugh. “They get to be with their teammates, get to come play at the national level against some of the other best teams in the country. It’s awesome. They’re having a blast and winning today certainly made it a whole lot better.”

Galazka says HCC made soccer’s Final Four once before, in 2008.

They next play Friday at 3 p.m. against the reigning national champs: Mohawk Valley Community College from New York.