‘Concern’ for Nuclear Regulatory Commission After Pilgrim Shutdowns

The chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Allison Macfarlane,  is in eastern Massachusetts Friday, looking at the Pilgrim nuclear power plant. Macfarlane says the four shutdowns this year for Pilgrim have given the commission “a little bit of concern.”

“We want to understand why they’ve had so many shutdowns this past year,” she says. “And we’re going to be doing more inspections there and ensuring that they continue to operate safely.”

The NRC this week added Pilgrim to its list of underperforming reactors.

On Thursday, Macfarlane visited Seabrook nuclear plant in New Hampshire. That facility a few years ago was found to have micro-cracks in concrete walls. Macfarlane says the NRC will be “vigilant” in making sure the plant can operate safely.

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