Pro-Casino Palmer Group Wants Referendum Recount to Happen Earlier

A pro-casino group in Palmer, Massachusetts, is disappointed that a recount of the casino referendum won’t happen until November 26th.

The ballot question was narrowly rejected last week by 93 votes.

Jennifer Baruffaldi is the spokesperson for the group, Citizens for Jobs and Growth in Palmer. She says the recount should happen as soon as possible.

“We have more questions than we have answers right now. And if it would just work out better, to have it resolved, to know what the final count was, and go from there,” says Barruffaldi.

Charlie Blanchard, the town manager, disputes that Palmer officials are dragging their feet on the recount. He points out that the recount is scheduled only a week later than the earliest date allowed by Massachusetts law. He says that the delay shouldn’t really impact Mohegan Sun if the referendum ends up passing and the company is allowed to submit a final application to the state.

“They’ve been working on this application for several months. It’s due December 31st. One week notice as to whether or not they can proceed from when the election was held last week, to me, doesn’t make that much of a difference,” says Blanchard.

The recount will be held at 9 in the morning on November 26th in the community room at the Palmer Public Library.

This story was written and reported by New England Public Radio’s David Chang.