Worcester County Lawmakers: Time for John Henry to Pay Attention to the T&G

Central Massachusetts lawmakers are asking the new owner of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette to pay attention to the newspaper. John Henry acquired the T & G along with the Boston Globe in a sale that closed last month. 

In a letter dated last week, 25 state lawmakers glowingly congratulated Henry on his purchase. They then asked him to visit the T & G‘s office – as he has the Globe‘s – and explain his vision for the paper to its 300 employees.

The legislators also asked Henry to write a column for the paper’s readers – again, as he did with the Globe.

State Sen. Stephen Brewer of Barre signed the letter. He says now’s the time for Henry, who owns the Boston Red Sox, to talk about the T & G.

“It’s been a few weeks now. The Red Sox have won the World [Series]. The trophy’s traveling around the state,” Brewer says. “And this is a very important newspaper, and we would hope that he would pay due attention to this newspaper and its involvement and its importance to all the citizens of the greater Worcester County area.”

Henry has received a copy of the letter, according to his spokesperson, Frank Quaratiello. He says at this point Henry is declining to comment further.

Photo via Flickr from Svadilfari.

Letter to John Henry, provided by the office of state Rep. John J. Mahoney