Poll: Support For Medical Marijuana In Mass. Keeps Growing

A new poll in Massachusetts finds increased support for medical marijuana. This comes as an application deadline for pot dispensaries approaches.

The poll finds that 74 percent of Massachusetts adults now support medical marijuana. That’s 11 percent more than supported last year’s ballot initiative legalizing medical marijuana in the state.

Tim Vercellotti is director of the polling institute of the University of Western New England, which conducted and paid for the poll. He says the findings offer some clues to policy makers, as communities scramble to come in compliance with the medical marijuana law.

“Locating these facilities has the potential to cause some conflict in communities, and what we found is that the more people were familiar with the law and the licensing process, the more supportive they were,” Vercellotti says.

Sixty-one percent of those polled say they’d support a medical marijuana dispensary in their community. The deadline for applications from prospective dispensary operators is November 21st.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health says it will award licenses at the end of January.