Study Says Massachusetts Population To Grow 4.4 Percent By 2030

A new study released today projects Massachusetts’ population will increase 4.4 percent by 2030. But not all parts of the state are expected to grow. Susan Strate is with the University of Masschusetts Donahue Institute. She says that if recent trends continue the Lower Pioneer Valley will be the only region in the state with a population decline. Still it won’t be a steady drop.

“The Pioneer Valley growth looks strong for the next 10 years because we expect the large Millenial population to be coming into the area for the many area colleges,” says State. ” And then it starts to slow down again after 2020 as the college age population in the U.S. as a whole starts to diminish.”

Over the next two decades, Springfield is projected to decrease in population by nearly 5 percent and Northampton by almost 11 percent. Boston, on the other hand, would see an increase of nearly 12 percent.