UMASS Amherst to Spend $2 million to Address Priority Dorm Security Measures

It’s been more than a year since a UMass Amherst student was raped in a dorm allegedly by non students. The four men were signed in to the building by residents who didn’t know them. This week the university released an independent review of dormitory security.

The recommendations include spending $2 million to install additional video cameras and an electronic visitor management system in each of the 51 dorms. The report was commissioned last October by UMass Chief of Police John Horvath.

“Prior to this report coming, every day-in and day-out, the officers that come into this department and our monitors do everything in their power to make [the campus] safe,”Horvath said. “Now that we have this report, it’s another tool in our tool belt to allow us to look at other avenues. Maybe look at things we didn’t think were as important.”

Enku Gelaye is the Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. She says additional security will only be effective if the school’s 13,0000 on-campus-students are held accountable for their actions.

“It’s very difficult to imagine the possibilities of signing someone in and not taking full responsibility for that person,” Gelaye said. “We’re pretty directly educating our students about what those unintended consequences can be.”

The report says more than 90 percent of students surveyed felt security in dorms is adequate.