Baystate Health to Acquire Wing Memorial From UMass Memorial

The head of UMass Memorial Health Care says the system’s strained finances are not the reason for transferring a hospital in Palmer to Baystate Health.

President and CEO Eric Dickson announced Wednesday that UMass Memorial would begin the process of transferring ownership of Wing Memorial Hospital and Medical Center over the next few months.

“Financially, it’s not really a significant event for us. We won’t be disclosing any sort of the details related to that, but this is not motivated by the financial aspects of this,” Dickson says. “This is motivated by understanding where the future of health care is going and understanding what’s best for the people in the Palmer area and the communities that surround it.”

Dickson says this transfer makes sense in part because of location. Wing Memorial is closer to Baystate’s Springfield hospital than it is to UMass Memorial’s Worcester facility.

Facing a large deficit, UMass Memorial announced layoffs earlier this month and is considering more. Dickson says his hospital is looking at all possible options to reduce costs.