Report: Mass Government Needs New Rules for Temporary Employees

A report by the Massachusetts Inspector General’s office reveals some state government agencies use temporary workers to fill positions on a long-term or permanent basis. It finds some of these appointments have lasted for years. 

The review looks at how the state spends 10-million-dollars a year on temporary staff. It shows dozens of these workers have been on the job longer than three years, and in some cases were receiving paid holiday and leave time. The investigation says some agencies, such as the Department of Environmental Protection, the State Police and Division of Public Licensure, call on short-term workers to perform necessary duties because of limits placed on how many fulll-time employees they can have on the payroll. The Inspector General’s Office recommends a monitoring system to keep temps from filling long-term jobs and limiting their use to no more than a year. A spokesperson from the Department of Administration and Finance says they will release new policies on short-term hires before the new year.