Mass, Vermont Halt Payment to Health Care Website Developer

Massachusetts and Vermont are withholding payments and considering legal options against the contractor that set up the states’ problem-plagued health insurance websites. And it’s the same contractor that caused problems for the Federal Government. 

Trouble with the Massachusetts Health Connector’s web site has been ongoing. Connector spokesperson Jason Lefferts says the company– CGI–received a 69-million-dollar contract for building the new website. And so far has done such a poor job that the state says it  will not make any further payments  until more progress is made. Lefferts says there are a series of milestones connected to payment. 

“There’s a series of milestones on the project and they get paid when those milestones are delivered. There was a schedule in the contract and they’ve fallen behind that schedule, so payment on those those parts of the project won’t be made until those portions are delivered.”, Lefferts says. 

Lefferts says residents who face a December 31st deadline to register still have time. He says those who can’t due to technical reasons will likely be given temporary health care. In Vermont, state officials  say they are withholding more than 5-million-dollars in payments to CGI for missed deadlines. A CGI spokeswoman says the company is working to fix state websites and has already improved performance.