Only Days Left for Higgins Armory in Worcester

At the end of December, the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, Massachusetts, will close its doors for good. The museum has displayed one of the most significant collections of arms and armor in the United States for the past 83 years.

FEATURE: What’s Next for Worcester’s Higgins Armory?

There’s no actual moat around Worcester’s Higgins Armory Museum, but there is a knight in armor on its roof, medieval banners flying and a space inside designed to look like the Great Hall in a medieval castle.

The late Worcester Pressed Steel Company owner, John Woodman Higgins, had the art deco building constructed to house his collection of arms and armor. But now it faces a funding shortage, and the Higgins board decided the museum would need to close at the end of this year.

“I know it sounds trite, but what’s going to affect me the most is when we take the flags down off the building,” says Suzanne Maas, the Higgins director.  “You come over the hill and there’s the building, and it’s a flagship for the industry, for the collection what was important to Mr. Higgins, what’s been important to this community.”

The museum’s board plans to list the building with a realtor shortly after the closing. Meanwhile, its 2000-plus piece collection is moving a few miles away to the Worcester Art Museum.