Flu Season Picking Up In Massachusetts and Connecticut

Massachusetts is one of ten states now reporting widespread cases of the flu, with 800 confirmed so far. And state health officials say it’s possible this  flu season could be worse than usual. 

Increasing cases of the flu doesn’t surprise Dr. Larry Madoff, a disease expert with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. He says this is the time of year when the flu starts to hit hard.  Madoff says predictions of a worse than usual flu season are based on what health officials are seeing in other parts of the country.  “So in particular, states in the south are seeing a lot of flu activity this year and that usually starts there and comes north, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we have a worse than usual flu season.”, Madoff says. 

Madoff says the best protection is a flu shot and He says despite the increase there’s still plenty of time to get the immunization and enough of it to go around. Connecticut  also reports rising numbers of the flu. While not yet at widespread levels, more than 280 cases have been reported in the state.