Lenox Still Leaderless Six Months After Town Manager Departed

The town of Lenox, Massachusetts has been looking for a new leader for six months.

Lenox was never poised to have a successor in place in time for the late-June departure of longtime town manager Gregory Federspiel.  The select board didn’t appoint a search committee until two weeks before he left.

And they’re still looking.

“The town has not been left in a lurch,” says the select board chair, Dave Roche, who insists that major initiatives have not been put on hold in the meantime.

“You know as far as the big projects go, we’re moving along on them,” he says. “I mean, I would say that our long term ten-year plan hasn’t been put on hold, but it hasn’t been at the forefront where we’d like to have it at this point in time.”

The town thought it found its man in August, and offered the job to one of three finalists. But negotiations over benefits dragged on and finally broke down. By then, the other finalists had already moved on to other plans, Roche says.

Meanwhile, the town manager’s responsibilities have been split between a longtime Town Hall staffer, and a retired superintendent of public works.

Roche says he expects to see a fresh batch of finalists by mid-January.