New England Digs Out From Latest Storm

The first winter storm of 2014 has left behind several inches of snow and frigid conditions to the area.

In Northampton, Massachusetts, the cleanup started well before dawn Friday.

Just about everyone out in downtown Northampton was either driving a plow, running a snow blower or shoveling a sidewalk. With the wind howling it feels well below zero.

In front of city hall, Ed Bylnowski, clad in an orange snow suit is shoveling the building’s stairs.

“I don’t like this wind. I don’t like that at all. The snow I don’t care about, but when the wind blows, it’s colder than H-E-L-L,” Bylnowski says.

Bylnowski says it will be a while before he is able to get in from the cold. He still has several more city buildings to dig out.

Photo courtesy of MassLive and The Republican.