Henry Outlines Globe Ambitions, With Few Details

Rare public comments Wednesday from John Henry, the man who owns the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Globe.  At a chamber of  commerce breakfast, Henry spoke about the future of the largest newspaper in New England. 

Henry outlined his vision for the Globe in broad strokes:

“We will be more than a newspaper, we’ll be boston.com. We will create a Boston Globe television network,” Henry said. “We will be a news media organization on every platform. Hell, we’ll be broadcasting from drones.”

It was the first time Henry mentioned a TV network  – and the drones.

Henry says if the Boston Globe is to become sustainable, it will have to substantially increase revenues. He says the Globe will launch new approaches to advertising.

 “We’re going to take a page from sports teams and from television,” he said. “We’re going to seek sponsors, companies that believe our newspaper is important, as well as advertisers.”

 Asked after his speech for details, Henry said, “I hestitate to give too much details. Since buying the Globe I haven’t said a lot about it.” 

Henry bought the Boston Globe in October. The deal included the WorcesterTelegram & Gazette, which he plans to sell.